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Ratios & Percentages

Ratios & Percentages

Ratios & Percentages: Proportionately Interesting True or False

1. A dozen organic eggs sell for $4.99 while a dozen conventional eggs sell for $3.79. What is the difference in unit cost? -> $0.80
2. There are three bananas, five apples, and four oranges in a bowl of fruit. What proportion of the fruit are NOT oranges? ->
3. Car A can drive 430 miles on its 10-gallon tank of gas. Car B can drive 468 miles on its 12-gallon tank. Which car has the better gas mileage, and by how much? -> Car B by 11 miles per gallon
4. Solve the proportion: . -> 10
5. The San Francisco Humane Society has a cat-to-dog ratio of 3:2. If there is a combined total of 250 cats and dogs, how many are dogs? -> 50
6. You send about two emails for every seven incoming messages. If you receive 329 emails on a particularly busy day, about how many did you send? -> 94
7. Solve the proportion: . -> 1.9
8. A gallon of milk costs $5.29 while a half-gallon of milk costs $3.50. In a half-gallon of milk, approximately how much more does each cup cost? (There are 16 cups in a gallon.) -> $0.11
9. In 1901 Cy Young had a strikeout-to-base-on-balls (walk) ratio of 4:1. If he struck out 160 hitters, how many total strikeouts and walks did Cy Young have in 1901? -> 200
10. There were 140 boys in a graduating class of 300 students. What is the boy-to-girl ratio? -> 7:8