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Ratios & Percentages

Ratios & Percentages

Percentages in the Real World Exercises

Example 1

A used car salesman earns 10% of all sales. After selling an old Shmoyota for $3200, how much money does he earn?

Example 2

You have a coupon for 30% off all purchases at The Shmapple Store. Your subtotal comes to $295. How much is total after the discount?

Example 3

Shmabercrombie & Finch is having a jeans sale. All jeans are 25% off. You have a coupon for an additional 20% off any item. How much would you pay for a pair of jeans that are originally $85?

Example 4

North Dakota sales tax is approximately 5%. Your purchases at a Shmarnes & Noble bookstore total $62. How much do you owe, including sales tax?

Example 5

You need to buy a new pair of sneakers. You have $75. The pair you want are $110, but are 40% off. Do you have enough money if you include an 8.5% sales tax?

Example 6

If you invest $500 in a savings account that earns 5% interest each year, how much money will be in the account after 2 years?

Example 7

If your dinner bill totals $38, how much is the total after leaving a 15% tip?