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Ratios & Percentages RESOURCES



This classic memory game matches percents to fractions.

Fraction Model II

This fraction model shows visual representations of equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents.

Flower Power

Use this game to practice ordering fractions decimals and percents.  The more flowers you grow, the harder it becomes.

Comparing All Three

This matching game allows you to choose which types you want to compare.  You can match fractions and decimals, decimals and percents, or all three.

Fraction-Percent Balance Scale

This scale allows you to balance percents and fractions.  It’s a nice way to compare the two.

Free Ride

Use bicycle gears to explore relationships between two gears.

Galactic Exchange Applet Instructions

Use ratios to determine how much each coin is worth.  Get a pen and paper ready.

Scale Factor

Use this scale tool to explore relationships between length, area, and perimeter.

A Golden Ratio Activity

Print this activity and use a ruler to discover the golden ratio in facial features.

The Golden Ratio

This interactive page explores everything you need to know about The Golden Ratio.

Leonardo da Vinci Activity

This is a nice lesson plan for teachers to explore the golden ratio with students in the classroom.

Percentages Dot

Practice coloring percentages using simple dots.


This is a simple activity to work on rounding numbers and estimating percents.  It’s low-tech, yet helpful.

Penguin Waiter Percent Game

This site offers a variety of word problems involving tip.  


This is a nice parent or teacher led activity to explore combining percentages.  Be sure to read the instructions.

Number Invaders-Percentage of a Number

Use this game to practice finding percentages of a number.  It’s sort of like space invaders, but with percents.

Percent Shopping

Need to work on your shopping skills?  Try this game and find your discounts.

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