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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 19 Summary Page 1

The Boniface Estate

  • The rats and mice travel for months, Watership Down-style, to find some new digs.
  • Along the way, they meet other rats, all of whom seem to notice that there is something different about them. The rats from NIMH are straight up freaky.
  • Nicodemus begins to worry about how much of their survival depends on stealing, as do some of the other rats. Even thought that's kind of what rats do.
  • One day, the rats are walking down the road when they pass a huge, dark house called the Boniface Estate.
  • They decide to go in and explore, slipping in through a window.
  • The first stop is the kitchen, where they chow down on corn chowder.
  • The house is a beautiful mansion, with many rooms, but the library is most exciting to these bookworms.
  • The rats live in the Estate all winter, reading late into every night and talking about the future. Hope and love and good feelings and whiskers abound!
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