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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 21 Summary Page 1

The Toy Tinker

  • Flashback alert! In this chapter, we jump back to the story of the rats on the loose, having escaped from NIMH. 
  • After eight months, the rats leave the Boniface Estate, having learned so much from their reading in the library.
  • Sure, they've mastered astronomy and history, but they've also learn about how much humans hate them because they steal. 
  • With this knowledge, the rats are able to formulate a Plan for a new type of rat life—one with less stealing and more growing things.
  • The rats get to searchin', knowing what they want their new home to be like, but not knowing where to look. 
  • At the estate, they looked at maps, and Jenner became interested in the area of the FitzGibbon Farm.
  • As they are headed to that general area, they go through a National Forest and find "The Toy Tinker" truck.
  • The truck contains all sorts of tiny tools used to make toys, as well as toy furniture.
  • Sadly, the Toy Tinker has died in the forest. But the upside is, the rats feel okay about exploring the truck.
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