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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


by Robert C. O'Brien

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 22 Summary

Thorn Valley

  • The Tinker's truck also has tiny electric motors in it, which while adorable, might also prove useful.
  • Arthur figures out that with what they have in the truck, they could open their own machine shop. Now that's sustainable living.
  • Jenner agrees that they could except that they have no electric source. Hmmm.
  • A rat named Sullivan who is friends with Arthur suggests that they could run a cable from a house to their burrow and the idea of living near a farmhouse is born.
  • The colony swells to 150 rats and everything seems, from the outside, to be going perfectly.
  • However, the rats notice a growing feeling of discontentment and decide that that is because their lives are too easy.
  • The rats call a meeting to discuss this feeling and to try to come up with a solution. They wonder what a rat civilization would be like. Would there be a rat president? Rat judges? Rat voting?
  • Jenner, oddly, becomes more withdrawn and glum as these discussions go on over the weeks. What's your damage, J?
  • One day, he and Nicodemus are on a walk and they get into a big discussion. Actually, it's more of a philosophical debate: Jenner believes that rats are meant to steal, while Nicodemus thinks they should avoid stealing at all costs. They seem to be at an impasse.
  • On a walk during a different day, Nicodemus meets the Owl, who tells him about a place called Thorn Valley.
  • Ah, this is just what they've been looking for.
  • They find the Valley and agree that it is beautiful, but Jenner doesn't like how far from the barn and the farmhouse it is.
  • Jenner never begins to believe that the rats can actually execute the Plan, but the rest of the rats are excited about it.
  • Back in real time… Nicodemus explains that the rats have enough food to last them for two years once they reach Thorn Valley, where the ultimate goal is to do all of their own farming.
  • By June, they will be away from the farm forever. Hurrah and huzzah for the rats.

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