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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


by Robert C. O'Brien

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 23 Summary


  • Mr. Ages reminds the group that it is almost time to dose Dragon with his medicine. 
  • But Mrs. Frisby interrupts and asks why Jonathan never told her about any of this.
  • Nicodemus explains that he chose not to tell her because of the way that the group had been treated by others of their own kind, but he assures her that Jonathan loved her very much.
  • Mrs. Frisby asks if her children will also live longer and be stronger because of the injections that Jonathan had. And she wants to know what happened with Jenner.
  • Nicodemus explains that the last straw for Jenner was when the rats decided that after they settled in Thorn Valley, they would destroy the machinery to ensure that they never became dependent on humans again. 
  • See, Jenner wasn't having that. So he up and left with six of his followers the next day.
  • Meanwhile, it's high time to give Dragon the sleeping pill, so they give Mrs. Frisby her instructions.
  • They sneak under the foundation of the house, which will allow Mrs. Frisby to sneak up into the kitchen, where she can put the food into Dragon's bowl. 
  • There's just one problem: Mrs. Frisby approaches the food dish with the packet and notices that something is wrong. She sees the bowl all right, but it's not where it should be because there is a stool in the way. 
  • Mrs. FitzGibbon places the cat food in the dish and Mrs. Frisby puts the sleeping powder in the food and tries to run away.
  • Bam! Something slams down over her and traps her, hurting her leg. Her tiny, frail leg. 
  • Billy has been sitting on the stool and has dropped a colander over her. Kids these days.

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