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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 24 Summary Page 1

Seven Dead Rats

  • Mrs. Frisby watches the FitzGibbons eating dinner, from the inside of a birdcage. A room with a view, indeed.
  • Billy asks if he can keep her as a pet and his mother says that he can keep "it" for a few days. Harsh.
  • Paul tells Billy that she will die in captivity because she is a wild animal.
  • Meanwhile poor Mrs. Frisby's in full on panic mode, as she worries about her kiddos, who've been left all alone
  • Mr. FitzGibbon starts to tell a story about a strange event at the hardware store: seven rats were electrocuted while fiddling around with some motors in the store. 
  • Mrs. Frisby listens hard, knowing that the rats need this information.
  • He then goes on to explain that the newspaper wrote an article about it, with the headline MECHANIZED RATS INVADE HARDWARE STORE. 
  • After that story runs, a group of government men came to the store to investigate.
  • Paul says that he thinks it's because the government is afraid that the rats have rabies, but Mrs. Frisby knows differently—they're worried that their super-rats are taking over.
  • Mr. FitzGibbon says that those same men are coming to the farm "the day after tomorrow" to exterminate their rats and tear up the rosebush. Uh oh—red alert!
  • Mrs. Frisby knows she has to get out of that cage and share the information before its too late.
  • But hey, at least something went right: Dragon's dead asleep in the corner, out like a light.
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