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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


by Robert C. O'Brien

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 3 Summary

The Crow and the Cat

  • Mrs. Frisby faces a tough decision: she can go home the long way, which will mean she won't get home till after dark. Or, she can go home the short way, which will put her near the cat that all the creatures fear. 
  • Being a brave lady, Mrs. Frisby decides to take the shortcut home, so that she can reach Timothy sooner.
  • Before Mrs. Frisby travels very far, she hears a strange squawking sound. It's a crow tied to a tree, and totally stuck.
  • Crows like to mess around with shiny things almost as much as we like to eat cheese here at Shmoop. This means they really, really like shiny things, and this crow is no exception.
  • She briefly considers leaving the guy, but knows that if she does, he will die. 
  • When she is halfway done untying him, the crow sees Dragon—the evil cat. Worse, Dragon sees him and starts towards them very slowly. Eeek.
  • Finally Mrs. Frisby gnaws through the string and frees the crow, saving him from certain death. A mouse with a heart of gold—our hearts are melting (but in that good way). Is yours? 
  • She tells him to make like a banana and split, but he refuses, knowing that Dragon will happily make a snack out of her just like he would of him. Interspecies friendships? Always a win in Shmoop's book. 
  • The crow's solution? He tells Mrs. Frisby to jump on his back and together they escape from Dragon. 
  • The crow thanks Mrs. Frisby as he drops her off at home and tells her his name is Jeremy. 
  • In the end, each animal saves the other: Mrs. Frisby saves Jeremy's life, and Jeremy helps Mrs. Frisby get home to Timothy quickly and safely. The next time one of your friends goes and gets herself stuck to a fence, remember this wise lesson: if you set her free, she may give you a piggyback ride later. Wins all around.

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