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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 6 Summary Page 1

A Favor from Jeremy

  • Mrs. Frisby searches for some corn for supper before she heads home and spies a shiny piece of foil. Three guesses who's messing around with that foil. You are so smart.
  • When she sees Jeremy examining the foil, she decides to ask his advice about Moving Day.
  • Mrs. Frisby asks Jeremy why he likes shiny things so much and he admits that he brings them to a female crow, who also likes shiny things. Ah, young love!
  • After listening to Mrs. Frisby explain the trouble with Moving Day, Jeremy is sympathetic. But does not know how to solve her problem.
  • Luckily, he does have one piece of advice: he tells her that when the birds do not know what to do, they go see Owl.
  • Mrs. Frisby is afraid of Owl, but she realizes that she has to take any opportunity available to help Timothy. 
  • Jeremy tells her he will bring her to the Owl and they make a plan to meet at her house at 5 pm.
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