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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


by Robert C. O'Brien

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 8 Summary

"Go to the Rats"

  • Mrs. Frisby nervously begins to explain about Timothy and about Moving Day.
  • She refers to "the farm" and the Owl asks her to clarify which farm. Again, she is embarrassed at not realizing how much bigger these birds' world is than hers is.
  • The Owl tells her there is no way to save her house and Mrs. Frisby is crushed. (Not literally. Though he could. Crush her, that is.)
  • He tells her that they absolutely have to move and Timothy must be kept warm, but still moved or else all the children will die in the cement block. Yup, this guy could use some work in the sugarcoating department.
  • He bids her goodnight but before she goes he asks her name. When she tells him her name is Mrs. Frisby, he perks right up with interest.
  • He asks if she is related to Jonathan Frisby, which she confirms. 
  • Oh, well that changes things.
  • The Owl tells her to go to see the rats who live in the rosebush and to tell them that he says the house needs to be moved into the "lee of the stone." This way, the house will be protected from plowing and the family can wait until Timothy is well enough to move.
  • Mrs. Frisby thinks he is teasing her, but he very seriously tells her to ask for Justin and Nicodemus at the rosebush
  • Owl wishes her luck and tells her that she's not alone in her boat. As it turns out, his home is also in danger, but from other sources: his tree is dying but he has no wish to move. These animals need a realtor in the worst way, huh?
  • Mrs. Frisby is puzzled (a state that Jeremy can easily understand) and tells Jeremy about her instructions to go to the rats.
  • He takes a why not? approach, thinking that they may be able to help her and that all of the birds have seen them carrying bits of wire and machinery, so they know they are up to something. 
  • Jeremy drops Mrs. Frisby off safely and tells her that if she ever needs his help again, all she needs to do is ask. Bon voyage, young Crow!

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