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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 9 Summary Page 1

In the Rosebush

  • When Mrs. Frisby arrives at home, her children (especially Cynthia) are sick with worry about her.
  • They have good news though: Timothy is awake and feeling better.
  • But that also means he's well enough to notice that the air smells like "thawing." He knows that means that Moving Day is near.
  • Mrs. Frisby assures him that everything will be fine, but Timothy's concerned that he will not be well enough soon enough.
  • The next morning, Mrs. Frisby heads off for the rosebush to get some help from fellow rodents.
  • She notes that most of the animals steer clear of the rosebush, though the rats aren't exactly mean, just different
  • As she approaches the rosebush, she wonders how she should get into it. Doesn't she know that "open sesame" always works in these situations? 
  • She sees a branch that, when pushed, works like a "swinging door" and "opens easily."
  • Mrs. Frisby has expected to see a dirt hole when she reaches the end of the tunnel in the rosebush, but instead she sees an arched doorway that leads somewhere else entirely.
  • She also sees the largest rat she has ever seen staring straight at her. Yikes? Eek? Run?
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