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Reading <em>Moby-Dick</em> at 30,000 Feet
Reading Moby-Dick at 30,000 Feet
by Tony Hoagland

Reading Moby-Dick at 30,000 Feet Resources

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Tony Hoagland on

Head here for Hoagland's biography, some pictures, and, of course, his poetry.

Tony Hoagland at the Poetry Foundation

Brief bio, poems, links, and more can be found at the Poetry Foundation, where all those in the know head for info.


Tony Hoagland These Days

Here's our poet, looking jolly. Kind of makes you want him for a seatmate, huh?



Check out Hoagland reading and chatting in the Lannan Foundation reading series. The introduction goes until about nine minutes in, so you can skip ahead if you want to get right to him.

An Interview with Tony

You know you've always wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth. Not that Tony's a horse or anything.

Garrison Keillor on Hoagland

Hear the famous Almanac-guru's reading of Hoagland's poem.


Readings, Interviews, and More

There are so many cool videos of Tony reading and discussing his work, we hardly knew where to begin, so we figured you could pick what interests you. Click away.

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