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Ready Player One

Ready Player One


Ernest Cline

Ready Player One Chapter 17 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Level up! This begins part 2, called Level 2 in the book, as Wade cranks up his search for the Jade Key.
  • Okay, not really. He's too busy wooing Art3mis to think about the Hunt. After a flirty chat session, the two start meeting up online to play games, watch movies, listen to music, and talk.
  • That's the other handy thing about virtual reality: you can woo a girl from the confines of your Ohio apartment without ever having to shower. 
  • Spending all this time with Art3mis causes Parzival and Aech to grow apart. 
  • When not hanging out with Art3mis, Parzival works his way up to level 99 by completing quests.
  • During all his questing, though, he can't deny that he's falling in love with Art3mis, even though he's never met her in person.

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