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Ready Player One

Ready Player One


by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One Resources


Are You Ready for This?

Ernest (or Ernie, to his fans) Cline's website and blog has all the info you need on upcoming appearances, international publications, and all the '80s minutiae you can stomach.

Fan's Favorite

RP1 even has its own fan blog, named after Halliday's digital fortress. We hope the admin of this fansite isn't as crazy or reclusive as Halliday was.

Movies & TV


Although there's not much here (yet), you can be sure that IMDb will update its page as soon as information becomes available faster than you can say "Easter egg."

From Page to Screen

The Book Page blog speculates on details about the RP1 movie. Good news for fans: the author wrote the screenplay himself. Possible bad news: it's been given to someone else for a re-write.

Articles and Interviews

It's a Demon. It's a Dragon. No, it's Black Tiger!

In this interview, Cline reveals that his favorite video game is Black Tiger, which features prominently in the book. What's your favorite game in Ready Player One?


Find out the behind-the-scenes inspiration for RP1 from Cline himself on John Scalzi's blog. It's like DVD commentary for a book!


Everyone is Playing (and so can you!)

Even the book's trailer is packed with references. Can you ID them all? Our shout-outs page can help.

A Dreamer of Dreams

Halliday was born when Cline asked himself the question, "What if Willy Wonka was a videogame designer?"


Audio Nerdgasm

Geeks rejoice at hearing nerd idol Wil Wheaton read the Ready Player One audiobook. Take a listen.

Mood Music

Want some music to read by? Cline has you covered with a comprehensive soundtrack of every song mentioned in the book, plus bonus tracks!


Game within a Game Within a Book

This incredible poster helps you visualize something that's easy to forget in the book: Wade's playing an avatar, who sometimes plays games within the game.

We Heart 8-Bit

Ready Player One has a variety of cover images. This pixelated style is one of our favorites.


Get an eyeful of the grimy Stacks on the U.S. paperback edition cover.

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