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by Daphne du Maurier

Maximillian de Winter Timeline and Summary

  • Maxim meets the narrator, known as Mrs. de Winter, in Monte Carlo, and proposes marriage.
  • After a honeymoon in Italy, he brings his new bride back to his estate, Mandereley.
  • When the new Mrs. de Winter accidentally dresses up like Rebecca did at the costume ball, Maxim freaks out.
  • The next day, Maxim helps rescue a wrecked steamer boat and its crew. (He is a nice guy, after all.)
  • Big news: when Rebecca's sailboat, with her body inside, is found in the bay at Manderley, Maxim confesses to Mrs. de Winter that he shot Rebecca and sunk her boat with her body inside it.
  • Maxim returns to Manderley after the inquest to determine Rebecca's cause of death; he's happy to tell Mrs. de Winter that Rebecca's death was ruled a suicide.
  • After attending the burial of Rebecca's body, Maxim returns home to find Favell with Mrs. de Winter.
  • Favell tries to blackmail Maxim with a letter from Rebecca which he claims will prove she didn't commit suicide.
  • Maxim calls Colonel Julyan over so he can expose Favell as a blackmailer. During the investigation, Rebecca's secret doctor, Dr. Baker, reveals to Maxim that Rebecca had cancer. Colonel Julyan thinks this is a good enough motive for suicide, and he releases Maxim from suspicion.
  • Mr. de Winter, fearing something is wrong at Manderley, rushes home with Mrs. de Winter only to find Manderley on fire.