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Symbol Analysis

In a poem of eighteen lines, it's pretty amazing that six would say the exact same thing. We're guessing that means that the moment they depict is worth remembering. Or, um, recuerdo-ing. In fact, even though the speaker can't clearly articulate exactly what happened that night, she's certain that she needs to cling to the fact that it happened. Emotions, not events, are the name of this particular game.

  • Lines 1-2: Even though this is the first time we see these lines, the internal repetition of "we were...we were" sets this line up as one that tries to hone in on a particular past moment.
  • Lines 7-8: Here we go again! This time, the lines seem to mark a constant emotion in the whirl of one night's events.
  • Lines 13-14: …and another time. We told you.
  • Line 6: The repetition of "and" in this line makes a progressive series of events into a formal repetition.

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