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by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Analysis: Speaker

We get the feeling that this is the sort of girl we'd like to spend some time with. For one thing, she's game for all kinds of adventure. She's not the sort to care too much about her curfew. Or her hairstyle. After all, anyone who's willing to stay up all night riding back and forth on a ferry boat isn't exactly high maintenance, if you know what we mean!

Plus, anyone who cares enough about the tiny details of a night spent with you to write them all down is probably someone who cares a good deal about...you. She seems to believe in that motto, "It's the little stuff that counts." You don't have to buy her diamonds and champagne. She's just as happy with apples and pears. It's pretty cute, really.

Oh, and to add to our love affair with the speaker: she's more than willing to give everything away to help someone in need.

We'd say that this woman is too good to be true, but the fact is, she doesn't seem to care that much about what we think. This isn't a poem for a huge outside audience. That's why "you" plays such a big part in it. Our speaker wants to remember her time with one person – and that's all that counts.

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