The Red Badge of Courage
The Red Badge of Courage
by Stephen Crane
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The Red Badge of Courage Chapter 21 Summary

  • Henry and the men head back to their camp. Oddly, they are met with jeers and jokes. One soldier says in a high voice, "Oh, mother, come quick an’ look at th’ so’jers!" (21.10).
  • Henry’s pride is wounded. When he thinks about it, though, he realizes that they weren’t quite the war machines that he had thought. They only covered a little ground; they didn’t kill that many men, etc.
  • However, he is happy with his performance anyway. (He is evidently becoming more mature and less easily swayed.)
  • One soldier shows up and says he heard the "mule driver" general asking about who the brave "flag bearer" was. Supposedly, he said that Henry and Wilson deserve to be "generals."
  • Henry and Wilson are buoyed by this remark.

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