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The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage


by Stephen Crane

Jim Conklin ("The Tall Soldier") Timeline and Summary

  • Jim tells the rest of the soldiers that they will be moving out tomorrow.
  • He and Wilson, "the Loud Soldier," nearly have a fight over the truth of this statement.
  • Jim gives his views of how the regiment will do in battle. When Henry asks him whether he would "run," Jim answers honestly. He says that he might if the fighting gets too bad.
  • When Henry and Wilson complain about being marched around endlessly, Jim tells them to shut up and then calmly eats his sandwich.
  • Jim is mortally wounded.
  • When Henry and "the Tattered Soldier" try to help him, he shakes them off and then races around like a mad thing.
  • Jim dies in splendor and agony. It is something to see. Even his death is brave and larger than life.