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The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage


by Stephen Crane

"The Tattered Soldier" Timeline and Summary

  • "The Tattered Soldier" attaches himself to Henry after one of the battles.
  • He listens in complete awe, with his mouth hanging open, as a sergeant tells tales about the battle.
  • When the sergeant makes fun of him, he shrinks back and begins talking to Henry.
  • His voice is "as gentle as a girl’s and his eyes [are] pleading" (8.30).
  • "The Tattered Soldier" sees everything about the army as beautiful and honorable, even though he currently has two terrible wounds.
  • He tries to ask Henry where Henry’s wound is.
  • When Henry rushes away, "the Tattered Soldier" is hurt and surprised.
  • "The Tattered Soldier" comes upon Henry, who is trying to help the dying Jim Conklin.
  • "The Tattered Soldier" is in awe of Jim’s death throes.
  • When Henry tries to leave, "The Tattered Soldier" starts whining and practically crying and calling Henry "Tom Jamison."
  • "The Tattered Soldier" is desperate for Henry to stay. He is like an animal in his single-mindedness. Henry deserts him anyway.