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The Red Room

The Red Room


by H.G. Wells

The Man with the Withered Arm Timeline and Summary

  • At the story’s beginning, the man with the withered arm tells the narrator that if he goes to the red room, "it’s his choosing" (2, 6, 8, 26).
  • When the narrator appears set on going to the red room, the man with the withered arm refuses to take him there.
  • Instead, he gives the narrator directions.
  • The next morning, the man with the withered arm is taking care of the narrator with the other two custodians. He wants to know if the narrator believes the room is haunted now, and the narrator tells him that he does.
  • The man with the withered arm wants to know whether it’s the old earl who haunts the room. No, says the narrator, it’s fear.