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The Red Wheelbarrow Setting

Where It All Goes Down

It's a boring, rainy day. We can't go out and do chores on the family farm, because it's way too wet. So, we are stuck indoors. We're staring out the kitchen window (because maybe our Scrabble game is over, and we ate the last piece of candy in the house). Lo and behold! We see our wheelbarrow outside. And it's red! But not just any red, it's like firetruck red. We haven't seen our wheelbarrow look so pretty in years. In fact, we didn't think it was that cool anymore, and so we've just kind of left it outside, rather than putting it away in the barn. The rain has washed it clean. But then, Mabel and Marta, the family chickens, appear. Mabel hops on top of the red wheelbarrow, while Marta kind of dances around. This is quite an image. We almost want to take a picture or, better yet, paint! So we get our art supplies and proceed to Vincent van Gogh our way through the day. Suddenly, things aren't so boring anymore. Life is pretty.This is just one possible scenario for a setting. How do you imagine it?

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