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by Emily Brontë

Remembrance Analysis

Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay

Form and Meter

You may be counting the syllables in some of the lines in "Remembrance" and wondering how in the world we can call this iambic pentameter. To begin with, we notice that the very first line of the p...


Brontë's speaker in "Remembrance" isn't your typical weepy widow who pines away for the one she lost. She lingers over those emotions in the beginning but then learns to check those "tears of usel...


We know that Emily Brontë wasn't exactly the simplest gal in the world, so it makes sense that there would be two versions of the same poem with different settings. Bear with us: the original manu...

Sound Check

At first "Remembrance" sounds like your typical elegy: cold and dead in that dreary grave. But when the speaker starts getting into the whole memory bit and her anxieties about forgetting to love,...

What's Up With the Title?

"Remembrance" is a loaded word in Brontë's elegy. It means way more than just remembering or forgetting. Sure we might remember the time we locked our keys in our car or forgot to turn the water o...

Calling Card

Charlotte Brontë described her sister Emily Brontë in the following way:Under an unsophisticated culture, inartificial tastes, and an unpretending outside, lay a secret power and fire that might...


"Remembrance" is pretty straightforward, but when the speaker starts talking about memory and time, we may need to dig deeper to suss out the meaning. It's manageable, but not a piece of cake.


Did you know that the original version of "Remembrance," was set in Gondal? Emily Brontë rarely left her home in Haworth village, so if you're ever in town, check out some of these famous walks th...

Steaminess Rating

"Remembrance" is about love, but not the sexual kind. Our gal's lover is long dead, after all. Also, the Victorian era was best known for keeping all of the sexy stuff in the closet, and "Remembran...

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