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The Repo Man Sings For You

The Repo Man Sings For You


by The Coup feat. Del tha Funkee Homosapien


The Coup on Epitaph Records

This is the official site for the record company that released The Coup's 2006 album Pick a Bigger Weapon. Previous albums were released on Polemic Records, 75 Ark, DogDay and Wild Pitch.

The Coup on MySpace

Listen, watch and enjoy.

"The Life of Riley," by Eric Arnold. East Bay Express, April 26, 2006.

This detailed profile of Boots Riley talks about his roles as a father, a mentor, a political activist and a hip-hop visionary—but begins with a slightly contradictory description of how Boots got into politics. Later in the article, he'll tell us he was deeply influenced by his activist parents.

The Streetsweeper Social Club

For the Boots Riley enthusiast, this rock n' roll meets hip-hop collaboration with Tom Morello is his latest and most active project.

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