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The Return of Chorb

The Return of Chorb


by Vladimir Nabokov

The Kellers Timeline and Summary

  • Keller and his wife return home from the Wagner opera.
  • When the maid reports that Chorb has paid a visit and that their daughter is ill, the Kellers are less than pleased. They’re also angered at the news that Chorb has taken their daughter for the second time to that "vile" hotel.
  • The story flashes back to Chorb’s wedding night, when the Kellers have prepared a reception for the newlyweds. They are terribly upset when, instead of spending the night at the Kellers’ as planned, Chorb takes their daughter to a seedy hotel.
  • Back in the present, the Kellers have shown up at said seedy hotel looking for Chorb and their daughter. They have the lackey take them to Chorb’s room, despite his protests.
  • When the prostitute flings open the door, the Kellers are shocked to see, well, a prostitute instead of their daughter. She exits, and they go into the room with Chorb and close the door.
  • As far as anyone can tell, the Kellers and Chorb remain silent behind the closed door.