The Return of Chorb
The Return of Chorb
by Vladimir Nabokov
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The Return of Chorb Versions of Reality Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

Just before falling asleep she caught herself thinking that once or twice she had already been in that room; she remembered the pink picture on its wall (33).

For the prostitute, too, there is a sense of a re-created past in this room. Lines like this suggest that the eerie atmosphere isn’t just in Chorb’s mind, but that there is in fact something spectral about this very setting.

Quote #5

And Chorb heaved a sigh of relief, for he realized that the ordeal was over. He moved onto the green couch, and sat there, clasping his hairy shins and with a meaningless smile contemplating the harlot (35).

This is the "return" to which the title refers – Chorb has left the past and returned to the present. He has completed his mission, in a sense, which is why he smiles at the harlot.

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