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Character Role Analysis

Damon Wildeve

At least we're down to one character for our antagonist. Trouble is, Damon isn't always that antagonistic. Granted, he's a bad husband to Thomasin. And he almost willingly steals a bunch of money from his wife and his brother-in-law. Oh, and he's a punk to Diggory Venn and Mrs. Yeobright. And he's a jerk to Eustacia (though she gives as good as she gets in this case). We're not making much of a "con" case in this debate, are we?

But, he's really kind of sympathetic, too. He's quite nice to Eustacia when Clym is not. And he dies a very tragic death while trying to help Eustacia in his own rather morally-questionable way. So, while he causes lots of problems and can be a huge jerk, he's far from a mustache-twirling evil villain.