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The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native


by Thomas Hardy

Damon Wildeve Timeline and Summary

  • Damon almost married Thomasin Yeobright, but their elopement doesn't go as planned and the two don't get married.
  • So Damon goes back home to his Inn and has a rather tense confrontation with his upset fiancée and her angry aunt, Mrs. Yeobright.
  • Damon calms them down and then sneaks out to visit his ex-girlfriend Eustacia Vye.
  • He begins to string along both women and hopes that Eustacia will agree to run off to America with him.
  • But Eustacia dumps him for Clym, and Damon marries Thomasin after all.
  • He isn't a very good husband and, among other things, withholds money from his wife.
  • He then tries to get in on Thomasin's inheritance money, but Mrs. Yeobright stops him.
  • But Damon then gambles with the man holding the inheritance money and wins it all for himself. He wants to get revenge against Mrs. Yeobright especially, since she's been rude to him in the past.
  • But Damon gets his when Diggory Venn challenges him to a gambling match and wins all the money himself.
  • After a while, Damon starts growing closer to Eustacia and the two attend a dance.
  • Damon visits her at her house the day of Mrs. Yeobright's death and is the only one aware of Eustacia's failure to let Mrs. Yeobright into her home.
  • He comforts Eustacia and tries to help her.
  • Damon has inherited a large amount of money and plans to travel the world; he invites Eustacia to come.
  • She agrees to run away with him, but on the night they try to leave a big storm arrives and they both drown.