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The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native


by Thomas Hardy

Eustacia Vye Timeline and Summary

  • Eustacia is very miserable living on Egdon Heath with her grandfather.
  • Her ex-boyfriend, Damon Wildeve, nearly elopes with another woman.
  • But he has second thoughts and tries to win Eustacia back.
  • Eustacia is kind of receptive, but she's warned away from him by Diggory Venn.
  • Then Eustacia learns that Clym Yeobright is coming home from Paris.
  • She quickly falls for Clym instead and arranges to meet him by disguising herself and performing in a play.
  • Eustacia eventually meets Clym face-to-face and the two fall in love.
  • She marries Clym and hopes he'll take her back to Paris.
  • Eustacia doesn't get along with Clym's mother and the two have a huge argument.
  • The newlyweds live in a small cottage and Eustacia is devastated when Clym goes practically blind.
  • With her marriage falling apart, Eustacia starts growing closer to Damon Wildeve once again, who is now married to that other woman.
  • Damon visits Eustacia one day, but Mrs. Yeobright shows up too.
  • Eustacia doesn't let her in, thinking that Clym will get the door instead.
  • Clym doesn't, though, and Mrs. Yeobright dies later that day. Eustacia feels awful about the situation.
  • She doesn't tell Clym anything about it, but he eventually finds out what Eustacia did on his own.
  • The two have a huge argument and Eustacia leaves him.
  • Eustacia gets increasingly depressed and suicidal.
  • She continues to speak to Damon and agrees to run off to Paris with him.
  • The night the two try to leave, a huge storm arrives and both Damon and Eustacia drown.