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The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native


by Thomas Hardy

The Return of the Native Resources


Yale's Thomas Hardy Association

A veritable Thomas Hardy clubhouse, with lots of links, neat articles, and handy lists of things like his published works.

Thomas Hardy Overview

VictorianWeb's Hardy overview, with articles divided up by themes and categories, like "Economic Contexts" and "Gender Matters."

Hardy on Today in Literature

Fun website with "this day in literary history" articles. It's worth checking out the whole site, and they have a handful of cool articles on Hardy that link him to some other famous writers, like Thomas Gray.

Thomas Hardy Links and Articles

List of links to academic articles and websites about Hardy and his work.

The Love Songs of Thomas Hardy

Cool article about Hardy's poetry and what he was up to later in his long life. Plus some juicy gossip about his marriage – can't go wrong with that.

The Hardy Playlist

Hardy was a big fan of music in his novels and his poetry actually inspired a lot of composers later on – you can read all about it here.

Masterpiece Classic: Tess of the d'Urbervilles

As always, PBS's websites are filled with cool facts, articles, and more links than you can shake a stick at. And this is no exception. Get your Hardy groove on here.

A Literary Guide to Southwest England

Cool project at Kenyon College where they profile the literature and authors of Southwest England, including Hardy's The Return of the Native.

Gustav Holst's Egdon Heath Score

Article, with lots of links, about Egdon Heath, Hardy's fictional landscape, and the musical score by Gustav Holst.

Realism and Naturalism

Article on the nineteenth-century literary movements, with a focus on French realism.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Naturalism

Very detailed article about the philosophy of Naturalism.

Keats and Romanticism

All about Keats and the Romantic movement.

Thomas Hardy's World

Great interactive timelines of Hardy's life and works, with lots of pictures and links.

Hardy's Wessex

Learn all about Hardy's fictional country of Wessex – this site includes info about his novels, maps, and other archival materials.

Hardy's Egdon Heath Project

Very cool organization, inspired by Hardy, that's trying to preserve the culture and the natural landscape of Dorset, Hardy's actual home county in England.

Find a Grave: Thomas Hardy

Information about Hardy and his burial site (plus pictures of it!) are on this website, where you can find the grave of just about anyone famous.

Movie or TV Productions

The Return of the Native (1994)

IMDb page for the 1994 adaptation, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Clive Owen.

"The Heart of Thomas Hardy"

Article and review of a BBC documentary on Thomas Hardy, which aired in 2008.


Dorset Museum Gets Hardy Collection

A very recent BBC news piece (video and article) about how a museum in Dorset, Hardy's home county, got a really cool collection of Hardy materials.

The Mummers Scene

A clip from of The Mummers performing in the 1994 movie adaptation.

Egdon Heath – The Band

There's a band called Egdon Heath and they have songs on YouTube. Check it out!


Holst's Egdon Heath (Ode to Hardy) Op. 47

A tonal poem by Gustav Holst, inspired by Hardy and composed in 1927.

Alan Rickman Reads Native Aloud

Excerpt of Alan Rickman's (a.k.a. Professor Snape's) audiobook version of The Return of the Native – nature descriptions never sounded so good. There's also a link of where you can find out more about this audiobook version.

Monty Python Novel Writing Sketch

Hilarious Monty Python sketch, in which a crowd gathers to watch Hardy write The Return of the Native and a radio commentator tells us all about it.


Arthur Hopkins's Original Illustrations

These are amazing – go check them out. Seriously, do it. These are all of the original illustrations published with The Return of the Native when it was first serialized in Belgravia magazine in 1878.

Egdon Heath in 1920

Archival photograph from the 1920 anniversary edition of The Return of the Native.

Thomas Hardy Painting

A painting of Thomas Hardy, by Reginald Eves.

VictorianWeb's Hardy Gallery

A huge gallery with images of places important to Hardy in his life and work. Two thumbs up from us!

Wessex in Pictures

Nice photographs of landscapes that are described in Hardy's work.

Hardy Photo Album

Cool album of Hardy, with photographs of him throughout his life, including one of him and his bicycle. Yes – it's kind of awesome.

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