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The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native


by Thomas Hardy

Thomasin Yeobright Timeline and Summary

  • Thomasin arrives home in disgrace after eloping with Damon Wildeve but failing to actually get married.
  • She gets a ride home from Diggory Venn, who loves her. Back in the day, Thomasin turned down his marriage proposal.
  • Thomasin's aunt is upset with her and the two women go visit Damon to work out the situation.
  • Damon is a punk but Thomasin remains committed to him.
  • Time passes and Damon makes no move to get married.
  • Thomasin lives with her aunt and is socially disgraced.
  • She keeps her disgraced status a secret from her cousin Clym, who has recently arrived home, for as long as she possibly can.
  • Finally, after getting dumped again by his ex-girlfriend, Damon re-proposes to Thomasin and the two get married.
  • Thomasin remains on good terms with her cousin and his new wife, Eustacia, even after their falling-out with Mrs. Yeobright.
  • Thomasin gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl named Eustacia Clementine.
  • She grows increasingly suspicious of her husband and his relationship with Eustacia.
  • Thomasin also tries to comfort Clym after Mrs. Yeobright's death.
  • Finally Thomasin comes to Clym, telling him that Eustacia and Damon are running off together.
  • She goes out to help find them and witnesses the drowning of her husband and Eustacia.
  • After a while, Thomasin grows closer to Diggory Venn.
  • The two eventually marry, and Thomasin and her baby daughter move to Diggory's dairy farm.