The Return of Sherlock Holmes
The Return of Sherlock Holmes
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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The Return of Sherlock Holmes Justice and Judgment Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

"Don't you see any bearing upon the case? Well, well, I don't insist upon it. No doubt I am wrong." (Pince-Nez.92)

The fact that Holmes never forces his judgment and observations onto people gives us some key insight into his character. He likes to prove that he is right rather than force people to acknowledge his points.

Quote #8

"These are my last words," said she; "here is the packet which will save Alexis. I confide it to your honour and to your love of justice. Take it!" (Pince-Nez.169)

Though Anna just met Watson and Holmes, she already pegs them as fans of justice. Perhaps she read their Facebook pages. Watson and Holmes may exude, or suggest, a "love of justice," but Anna may also just be making an automatic connection between detectives and justice here.

Quote #9

"You must look at it this way: what I know is unofficial, what he knows is official. I have the right to private judgment, but he has none." (Abbey Grange.49)

Holmes points out a crucial difference between the official police force and the private detective here. This passage is also a nice example of parallel structure – check out the repeating clauses that Holmes uses.

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