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The Return of Sherlock Holmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes


by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Return of Sherlock Holmes: Elementary! True or False

1. Like a superhero, Sherlock Holmes can -> Leap tall buildings in a single bound
2. Watson says Holmes has -> "Ability to drive fast"
3. Sherlock Holmes might say -> "Up, up and away"
4. Who is a typical opponent to Sherlock Holmes? -> Joker
5. Who is Holmes' sidekick? -> Kato
6. If there were a spin-off of Sherlock Holmes: The Next Generation, who would be the star? -> Stanley Hopkins
7. Captain Moran tried to kill Holmes in a -> Dodgeball tournament
8. McFarlane is called -> Unfortunate
9. The Right Honourable Trelawney Hope might have a job similar to -> Secretary of State
10. Which is not a story in this collection? -> "The Masque of the Red Death"