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The Return of Sherlock Holmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes


by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Return of Sherlock Holmes Respect and Reputation Quotes

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Quote #1

"At last, when you had all formed your inevitable and totally erroneous conclusions, you departed for the hotel, and I was left alone." (Empty House.1.32)

Holmes often speaks disrespectfully to and great shows disdain for other people. Here he notes that it's "inevitable" that other people, namely Watson, would be wrong without his guidance.

Quote #2

"Well, well, such is fame! But then, if I remember right, you had not heard the name of Professor James Moriarty, who had one of the great brains of the century." (Empty House.2.11)

This gives us some insight into why Holmes doesn't appreciate fame and prefers instead recognition from peers. Fame for Holmes is often very stupid and unaware. In Holmes's mind, the genius Moriarty should have been more "famous" than he actually was.

Quote #3

"Not at all. The work is its own reward. Perhaps I shall get the credit also at some distant day, when I permit my zealous historian to lay out his foolscap once more - eh, Watson?" (Norwood Builder.194)

Again, this dialogue shows how rudely Holmes often speaks to Watson, even in jest, or in a joke. It's interesting that Holmes states that his work is it's "own reward." Recognition and respect go along with work for Holmes, while credit seems to be associated more with fame and notoriety, which Holmes avoids.

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