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Book of Revelation Chapter 19 Summary

The Last Battle

  • Everyone in Heaven is losing their minds rejoicing and praising God for all this.
  • In the midst of the celebration, John sees a white horse with Jesus riding out on it. Again, he's got the flames for eyes going and the sword coming out of his mouth. But this time, he's wearing lots of crowns (because one crown is never enough) and his robe is dipped in blood (might be time to switch dry cleaners).
  • All the heavenly armies are there, too. They've got their white clothes and white horses and they're following Jesus in triumph.
  • An angel tells everyone to gather for God's supper.
  • But before this big dinner party can happen, John spies the Sea Beast and his armies.
  • Jesus and his heavenly squadron get rid of the Beast pretty quickly. They toss him into a Lake of Fire. All the other baddies are killed with Jesus's sword. Heavenly fighters: 1,000,000,000. Beast army: 0.

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