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Book of Revelation Chapter 5 Summary

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Next up, John notices that God is holding a scroll with seven seals in his hand. We told you this book has a thing for sevens.
  • An angel starts to fret that no one in all of Heaven and Earth is awesome enough to open the seal. We're guessing it takes a pretty big letter opener to get through seven seals.
  • This makes John a little sad, but then one of the elders reminds him about Jesus.
  • Eureka! John sees a lamb that has been slaughtered standing in front of the throne. It has seven horns and seven eyes (why are all the animals in Heaven so freaky?).
  • The Lamb takes the scroll from God and instantly everyone in Heaven falls down to worship the Lamb. We're talking elders and angels and all manner of crazy-looking creatures. Thousands and thousands of beings singing, cheering, shouting, rejoicing. It's like a party in the heavenly realms.

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