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Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation Figures

Meet the Cast

John of Patmos

John is our faithful narrator on this journey through Heaven and Hell. He's a prophet and a seer of sights, a man of great faith and even greater vision.Well, that or he's an insane person. Take yo...

God and Jesus

God and Jesus are two sides of one pretty amazing divine coin. On the one hand, you have God—creator of the universe and the mastermind behind all the wrath and destruction that is Revelation. On...

The Angels

There are so many angels in Revelation, we lost count way back in Chapter 4. God likes to have an entourage, what can we say? There are angels of destruction, angels of death, messenger angels, war...

The Dragon

The Dragon is the big bad guy in this story. He's the one trying to bring all our good Christian heroes down. He's also really freaky-looking. Let's just get a quick mental picture, shall we?• He...

The Sea Beast and the Earth Beast

The Sea Beast and Earth Beast are two of a kind. Best buds forever. Partners in the fight against all things good. They're also just as ugly as their boss, the Dragon.• The Sea Beast: He's got se...

The Woman Clothed with the Sun

Though she only shows up for one chapter and runs off almost as quickly as she came, the Woman Clothed with the Sun is definitely worth a look. Not to mention she's got some pretty sweet threads. L...

The Four Horsemen

If you see these guys coming down the street, you might want to walk (or run) the other way, because things are about to get ugly.Opening ActThe Four Horsemen kick off the Apocalypse. They're relea...

The Whore of Babylon

It's not nice to call people names. Unless they happen to be the Whore of Babylon. Then it's kind of in their title. Just who is this saucy lady?• She wanders into John's vision riding the Sea Be...
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