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Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation Resources


Beastly Numbers

Check out this funny collection of Beast-inspired numbers. The Dragon would not be amused.

The Brick Testament: Revelation

Sure, everyone loves Bible scenes acted out by little Lego men, but their take on Revelation is particularly worth a scroll.

Movie or TV Productions

The Apocalypse

Okay, somebody had to make a movie about the Book of Revelation, right? This film isn't much for historical accuracy, but it makes up for it with awesome low-budget dramatizations of scenes right from John's letter.

Left Behind: The Movie

Staring born-again Christian actor, Kirk Cameron, this movie portrays the beginning of a modern-day apocalypse.

Historical Documents

The Book of Revelation

Check out the full text of Revelation, so you can relive all the freaky visions first-hand.

Revelation on Frontline

Here's all kinds of informative coverage from PBS on the last and creepiest book of the Bible.


Who You Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters actually quotes the Book of Revelation. Well, misquotes it. The passage Ray and Winston mean to cite is Revelation 6:12. But we're impressed anyway.

Worthy Is the Lamb

Here's a hymn based on Revelation 5:12. Sung with loveliness by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.


Interview with Elaine Pagels

Biblical scholar Elaine Pagels sits down with Terry Gross to discuss her work, Book of Revelation: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics. Smart people talking about cool stuff—doesn't get much better than that.

June 6th, 2006

Nothing terrible happened on this date (6/6/06), but that didn't stop people from freaking out just a little.

Impact of the Book of Revelation

Another NPR story about the impact Revelation has had on our culture. Hint: a lot.



Check out this map of Patmos, just in case you want to explore the home of our visionary narrator.

The Roman Empire

This is what it looked like in the wayback days.

The Cave of the Apocalypse

Check out the little spot in Patmos where John is rumored to have seen all his heavenly visions.

The Four Horsemen

Here's a cool, modern take on those ancient apocalyptic riders.

The Number of the Beast

This is a classic Far Side comic, which demonstrates that work in Hell doesn't always go as planned.

Revelation: The Chart

A handy little flowchart for the events in Revelation. Pin it to your wall so you never forget a bloody detail.

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