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Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation Sex, Drugs, and Violence Rating

Exactly how violent and steamy is this story?

Though Revelation is a zero on the sex and drugs scale, it's pretty stinkin' violent. If this were a movie, you'd definitely be freaking out by visions of people boiled alive by the sun (16:8-9) or ground up in a giant wine press until their blood runs through the streets (14:20). Other things that will keep you up at night:

• Everyone panics when the sun goes black and the moon turns to blood (6:12).
• Creepy locusts torture non-believers for five months with scorpion stings (9:3-5).
• People "long to die, but death will flee from them" (9:6). Cheery.
• Loads of people are killed by horses that breathe fire, smoke, and sulfur (9:18).
• A newborn baby almost gets eaten by a Dragon (12:4).
• Non-believers get gross, painful sores all over their bodies (16:2).
• People are forced to drink a river of blood (16:4-6).
• Giant hailstones fall from Heaven and crush people (16:21).

Read this one with the lights on, kiddies.