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Rhiannon's Wall



I can't wait to get married, baby!

Uh, yeah. Sure.


I got you guys a gravy boat for your wedding. It was on the registry.

galloped over Gwawl's toes on her white mare.

Does anyone know where I can go for a nice trail ride in America? I think I'm going on a road trip.


Hey, Mom. Why does my name mean "anxiety"?

Because you're always one moment short of giving me a panic attack. Like all kids.


Gorgeous, want a shield I built with my bare hands?

Nah, I'm good. I can just gallop off on my trusty steed.

is watching Murder She Wrote. Who doesn't love Angela Lansbury?


What should I get you guys as a baby gift?


Nothing! She killed our son.

I did not. I was framed!


Yeah, yeah. Tell it to Law and Order.

Anyone want a piggyback ride? Along with it, you can get a long and winded tale about my sad life.

Hefaidd Hen

Honey, you've got to marry Gwawl like I told you. He's the best alliance for our family.

No way, Dad! I'm going out for a ride.

Hefaidd Hen

If you don't, I'm going to take away your horseback riding privileges for a month.

I'll ride a mule if I have to. You won't keep me from going out, Dad!


Want to go out for Chinese food?

Do we have Chinese food in Wales?


Sure. A place just opened around the wooden bridge five leagues away.

Peking duck, here we come!

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