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Richard II
Richard II
by William Shakespeare
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Richard II Act 2, Scene 4 Summary

  • On the coast of Wales, a Welsh Captain and his troops have been waiting around for King Richard to show up so they can help him fight Henry Bolingbroke's army. (Remember, Richard has been in Ireland, and he's on his way back to England for a showdown with Henry.)
  • The Captain tells the Earl of Salisbury that he's sick and tired of waiting for Richard. He's going to send all his men home if Richard doesn't show up in the next two seconds.
  • When Salisbury begs him to stay just one more day, the Welsh Captain says forget about it. Everyone thinks the king is dead anyway.
  • The Captain and his army leave.
  • Salisbury notes that when Richard shows up he's going to be totally screwed, because he'll have little to no protection.
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