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Richard II Act 5, Scene 6 Summary

  • Henry chills at his new pad, Windsor Castle.
  • We find out that there's been a rebel uprising against Henry. The rebels have burned down the town of Cirencester, but Henry hasn't heard whether they've been captured or killed.
  • Northumberland comes in to announce that he just had a bunch of Henry's enemies beheaded (Salisbury, Spencer, Blunt, and Kent). Their heads have been Fed-Exed to London.
  • Henry is grateful. He says he owes Northumberland a solid.
  • Fitzwater comes in to say that two more traitors, Brocas and Seely, have also been beheaded.
  • Henry promises not to forget his service.
  • Henry Percy comes in with Carlisle as his prisoner. Westminster, he reports, is dead.
  • The king tells Carlisle that, despite being his enemy, he's got to give him props for being so brave and honorable. Instead of beheading Carlisle, Henry says he can spend the rest of his days under house arrest.
  • Exton enters with a coffin and is all "Ta da! Here's Richard and he's DEAD, just like you wanted!"
  • Henry is all, "OMG! Richard's dead? Why did you kill him!"
  • Exton's confused, since he got the order straight from Henry's mouth.
  • Henry waffles. He admits that he wanted Richard dead, but now that he is he hates the man who murdered him.
  • Henry banishes Exton. (We're guessing that just looking at Exton makes Henry feel all guilty.)
  • Henry quickly thinks up a way to make up for all of sins: he decides to start a Holy War so God will forgive him. (Hmm, we wonder how that's going to work out.)
  • They all exit, carrying out the big, creepy coffin.
  • To be continued in Henry IV Part 1...

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