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Richard II

Richard II


by William Shakespeare

Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV) Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1 Bolingbroke accuses Thomas Mowbray of treason in front of Richard. He refuses to drop the charge, despite Richard and Gaunt's pleas.
  • 1.3 Bolingbroke arrives at the trial by combat and asks his father for his blessing as he gets ready to rumble.
  • 1.3 Richard changes his mind about letting the two noblemen fight and sentences Henry to a six-year banishment.
  • 1.3 Bolingbroke swears not to speak to Mowbray while he's banished and not to conspire or plot against the king.
  • 1.3 When friends say goodbye to Bolingbroke, he doesn't answer. When his father asks why, he implies he's too bummed to talk.
  • 1.3 Gaunt tells Bolingbroke to pretend he's banished the king instead of the other way round. Father and son say goodbye and Henry leaves England.
  • Off-stage: Henry gathers a big army and makes plans to invade England.
  • 2.3 Bolingbroke returns to England to confront Richard.
  • 2.3 Bolingbroke and Harry Percy meet. Ross and Willoughby arrive to join Bolingbroke's forces.
  • 2.3 Berkeley arrives to deliver York's message asking why Bolingbroke has defied his banishment.
  • 2.3 York himself shows up to scold his nephew, but ends up joining him.
  • 3.1 Bolingbroke condemns Bushy and Green to death and orders that the queen be treated fairly.
  • 3.3 Bolingbroke arrives at the castle where Richard has taken refuge. York warns him not to overreach. Bolingbroke orders Northumberland to deliver his message to Richard.
  • 3.3 Bolingbroke watches Richard appear and compares him to a "blushing discontented sun."
  • 3.3 Bolingbroke and Richard meet; it's clear that Bolingbroke is calling the shots.
  • 4.1 Bolingbroke questions Bagot about Gloucester's murder. Bagot accuses Aumerle.
  • 4.1 Bolingbroke instructs that all the conflicts that arise as a result of the accusation will be settled after Mowbray returns.
  • 4.1 Bolingbroke finds out that Mowbray is dead. He blesses Mowbray's spirit and says he'll assign all the rest their "days of trial."
  • 4.1 He declares he's going to assume the throne and sends for Richard so he can publicly give up the crown.
  • 4.1 Bolingbroke announces his coronation for the following Wednesday and orders that Richard be taken to the Tower.
  • 5.3 King Henry feels bad about the fact that his son hangs out with scumbag criminals.
  • 5.3 Henry listens as Aumerle, York, and the Duchess of York tell him about Aumerle's plot against the king. Henry forgives Aumerle.
  • 5.6 Henry hears that all the traitors have been killed except for Carlisle, whom he sentences to a room somewhere where he can live in peace.
  • 5.6 Exton brings Richard's body in a coffin. Henry yells at Exton, even though he ordered Exton to do the deed.
  • 5.6 When Exton points out that Henry wanted this, Henry reflects on how he wanted it, but feels terrible about it. He banishes Exton.
  • 5.6 Henry feels guilty about Richard's death, so he decides to take a trip to the Holy Land (Jerusalem) to atone for his sins.