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Richard II
Richard II
by William Shakespeare
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Richard II Identity Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

Here comes my son Aumerle.
            Aumerle that was,
But that is lost for being Richard's friend;
And, madam, you must call him Rutland now. (5.2.4)

Here the former Duke of Aumerle's parents talk about what they should call their son now that he's been stripped of his dukedom for being buddy-buddy with the former king, Richard. Even though he's no longer the Duke of Aumerle, he's still the Earl of Rutland, so his dad says they should call him that from now on. But the moment York switches his allegiance to Henry Bolingbroke, his son gets renamed. All this shuffling of identities and names in the household ends pretty badly. It can also be pretty confusing and exasperating for us readers, don't you think?

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