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King Richard II Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1 Richard asks Bolingbroke and Mowbray to air their grievances against each other. He tries to pacify them and finally arranges a duel.
  • 1.3 On the day of the trial by combat, Richard decides instead to banish Mowbray forever and Bolingbroke for six years.
  • 1.4 Richard asks Aumerle how Bolingbroke looked when he left England and worries about how to fund his war in Ireland.
  • 1.4 He hears of Gaunt's illness and hopes the old man dies soon so he can take his property.
  • 2.1 Richard visits Gaunt on his deathbed and refuses to take his good advice. When he dies, he confiscates Gaunt's property in order to fund the war, over York's objections.
  • 3.2 Richard returns to Britain after fighting in Ireland. He says God will protect him against Bolingbroke's army.
  • 3.2 Richard finds out that he doesn't have any troops to defend him and he loses confidence. But he gains it back when Aumerle reminds him who he is – a king.
  • 3.2 Richard asks where his old allies are (Bagot, Bushy, Wiltshire) and curses them for having "made their peace" with Bolingbroke. When Scrope tells them they've been beheaded, he loses all hope.
  • 3.3 Richard comes out of Flint Castle to speak with Northumberland, who delivers Bolingbroke's message. Richard replies, and while Northumberland goes to return the message, Richard regrets making Bolingbroke mad.
  • 3.3 Richard reflects on the position of a king who's about to stop being king. When Northumberland returns, he goes down and comes face to face with Bolingbroke.
  • 4.1 Richard gives Bolingbroke his crown.
  • 4.1 Torn about his identity now that he's no longer king, Richard asks for a mirror and looks at himself in it.
  • 4.1 Bolingbroke sends Richard to the Tower.
  • 5.1 Richard is being taken to the Tower and meets the queen. Northumberland arrives to tell him he's actually going to be taken to Pomfret Castle instead of the Tower. The Queen will go to France.
  • 5.1 Richard and his wife say their goodbyes.
  • 5.5 Richard is alone philosophizing about his place in life.
  • 5.5 A groom comes in to visit Richard and tell him he saw Bolingbroke riding Richard's horse.
  • 5.5 The Keeper comes in with Richard's food but refuses to taste it first. Exton and his servants come in to kill Richard, who kills two of them first. Richard dies.