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Richard III Act 2, Scene 3 Summary Page 1

  • Three citizens meet on a street in London, chatting about the latest news.  They wonder what the heck is going to happen to England now that King Edward IV is dead. 
  • One is optimistic that Edward's son will reign, and though the boy is still too young to do the job properly, at the very least he'll be surrounded by good counsel, which will lead England wisely until the boy is old enough to take over.
  • Another citizen is less confident about the nation's safety, especially since there are two factions competing to advise the young king. On the one side is Richard of Gloucester, who is dangerous.  On the other side is Queen Elizabeth's family, who are a bunch of snobs. 
  • Regardless of who triumphs, the citizens are sure of one thing: there's bound to be a whole lot of drama before the next king is crowned.
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