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Richard III Act 5, Scene 4 Summary

  • As Richard is throwing around his weight, Richmond enters the scene on another part of the stage. (This is a theatrical device for indicating two faraway places – in this case, the two rival camps.)
  • Richmond is also making battle preparations, but rather than rely on the weakness of his enemy (as Richard does), he constructs a careful battle plan. He calls for pen and ink so he can draft all the battle movements and asks that some of his men stay to advise him.
  • Also in contrast to Richard, Richmond distributes the command among several leaders of regiments.
  • Richmond's even having one of the earls come to visit him at 2am to talk shop and go over the plan.
  • Finally, Richmond asks Captain Blunt to find his stepfather Lord Stanley, who is half a mile from Richard's own camp and still pretending to be on Richard's side. Richmond gives Blunt a letter to deliver to Stanley before steeping himself in the battle plans and preparations.

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