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Right to Privacy Books

Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy, The Right to Privacy (1995)

In this interesting and highly readable survey, the authors trace the evolution of privacy law through a series of compelling narratives and case histories. It is written for a general audience; those looking for deep analysis of the legal and philosophical questions surrounding these issues will be disappointed. But for the student or general reader interested in an introduction to a wide range of privacy issues, this is a great place to start.

Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller, and Jeffrey Paul, eds., Social Philosophy and Public Policy: The Right to Privacy (2000)

If you really want to sink your teeth in the philosophical and legal questions surrounding privacy rights, this collection of essays will provide you with a comprehensive introduction. The essays, written by philosophers, historians, and legal scholars, are not easy reading. But if you come to grips with the issues presented here, you will be able to take all comers.

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