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Right to Privacy

Right to Privacy

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Right to Privacy Questions

There's more than one right answer.

  • Is there a Constitutional right to privacy?
  • Do the amendments have "penumbras?"
  • Do you agree with Justice Douglass or Judge Bork?
  • Do you agree with the Court's logic in the abortion cases?
  • Did Roe v. Wade's trimester approach properly balance the rights of individuals and the interests of the states?
  • Did the Court introduce more appropriate criteria for assessing state abortion laws in Planned Parenthood v. Casey?
  • Does Gonzales v. Carhart signal a new hostility on the Court to abortion rights, as Justice Ginsburg claims?
  • Has the Court appropriately balanced the needs of school officials and the rights of students?
  • Did the Court set an appropriate standard for school searches?
  • Do we need privacy torts?
  • Must we sacrifice privacy in order to protect a free press?

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